Eastwood Homes, Charlotte's 2012 BUILDER OF THE YEAR, proudly hosts our first Charity Golf Tournament where 100% of all donations and sponsorships will benefit the Levine Children's Hospital and the miracles that happen there daily.  We sincerely Thank You for any and all donations and for partnering with us to make a difference in the lives of so many beloved children!  Together, we CAN make a difference!

Meet Emma
At 18 months old, lively Emma, was always trying to keep up with her
big sister, Ashlynn. Beginning in early December 2011, her parents
noticed that Emma had reoccurring fevers, rashes,
unexplained leg pain, and ear infections. On December 27, she was
diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She was admitted to
Levine Children’s Hospital (LCH) immediately and started
receiving weekly chemotherapy treatments and
blood transfusions.
While her fight against cancer has been difficult, she is not
fighting alone. Just like always, Emma wants Ashlynn by her side; so,
Ashlynn is in the fight too. The staff at LCH has embraced Emma’s
entire family, extending their compassionate care to each of of them.

Meet Jonathan

Kannapolis, NC

Seventeen weeks into Jonathan’s mother’s pregnancy she and her husband were

told Jonathan would be born with a number of health problems, including Hydrocephalus

(brain swelling), a cleft lip and palate, clubbed feet and a rare birth defect

called an Encephalocele. Jonathan’s prognosis was deemed “incompatible with life.”

After his parents chose to proceed rather than terminate the pregnancy, Jonathan

was born a full-term, seven-pound baby boy on July 21, 2011.

Jonathan has already had six surgeries, with many more on the horizon. Through it all

everyone who knows him can see what a tough and happy little guy he is. He bounces

right back after each surgery and amazingly he is currently on no medications and

shows no signs of seizures. He loves to play with toys, adores his big brother, has a

fantastic appetite, and is overall a very content baby. He has even learned to

express himself through a few basic signs and his beautiful smile that can light up

a room and melt hearts.